Monday, June 03, 2013

Knitting across England - Day 9

We had a nice, shorter walk of about 12 miles to one of the larger towns along our way of Richmond.  We saw many sheep, as usual, in the green pastures we walked through.

One of the highlights was walking near an ancient Priory.  There was a lovely stone staircase going up through the woods next to the Priory. It is said that the nuns had laid these stones so they could more easily walk the hills of the wood.

Upon reaching Richmond, one cannot help but notice the imposing Medieval castle tower of Richmond.  After visiting the castle, we walked through a market where there was a booth full of yarn.  Nothing spectacular, some yarns from South America and some Noro, but I loved the sign on the booth.  Don't you agree?


Amy said...

I agree with the yarn sign. I just bought more fiber today and once I put in the time,My yarn becomes priceless.

Julie said...

We went a year ago and boy do I miss it there. Its just so green!

BetsyInRI said...

Loving this! What a great sign - and such wonderful photos...Thanks for posting all of them, Carolyn!