Monday, May 09, 2011

10 Pounds of "Holly Berry"

Yes, it's true. I've had a bit of fun this spring dyeing up a large batch of Merino top in "Holly Berry" for a good customer. I set it up on the dining room table to make the room look festive. Ok, maybe it's not the correct season, but I love the combination of red and green.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sample Box Sweater

The Sample Box is one of the most popular items in my shop and I am constantly amazed at the creativity of what people make from them.

Linda of Sunset Fibers has made this delightful sweater using pigtails from a BFL Sample Box.

Here is her description of how she made this sweater:

"I took all the colorways, stripped them lengthwise by 4 and rolled them up into balls, threw them in a basket, added a few of my own colorways and tossed them like popcorn. I spun them randomly end to end then 2-plyed from the inside and outside of a ball. I did a side to side sweater striping it out with a next-to-the-skin soft romney fleece that I bought a few years ago. The result was exactly what I hoped for. I have enough for slippers too!!! Woo Hoo."

Thanks, Linda, for sharing your lovely creation. You may visit her website at

Pigtails from a Sample Box