Saturday, March 05, 2011

"Shades" a New Line of Colorways

I'm currently working on a new line of rovings called "Shades." These rovings are dyed in different shades of one color, exploring that color from dark to light. The idea behind this colorway is that it would be great to ply with one of the other "normal" colorways. For instance, the "Shades of Magenta" colorway would look great plied with "Crocus." These new Shades also spin up nicely by themselves. Here's the 4 colorways already made up in Shades.

The names of these colorways are "Shades of Turquoise", "Shades of Violet", "Shades of Burgundy", and "Shades of Magenta". These are pictures in my Heathered BFL Wool, but Shades will also be made up in all the standard fibers. There will be many more Shades of colors to come. I'll post when I have new colors ready. My teenage daughters have gone gaga over the "Shades of Turquoise". My 17-year-old has requested that I make her some arm warmers out of this colorway. Here is a picture of "Shades of Turquoise" all spun up and ready to knit. Aren't I a good mom?