Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Knitting across England - Day 10

Today was a beautiful walk of 14 miles from Richmond to Danby Wiske.  We had the pleasure of walking with three other people most of the morning.  Bill is from Australia, and Wendy and her husband Nigel were from England.  Wendy was a delight as she told us the names of many of the trees and plants along the way.  She warned us of the plentiful stinging nettle and the remedy for the sting by rubbing it with leaves fr the Dock plant which often grows along side the nettle.  This bit of information proved valuable as we applied it several times that day.

We came to a small town during our walk where there was a horse track. I was surprised to see a small gypsy caravan there.  It contained a horse drawn wooden trailer in a barrel shape along with a turquoise painted cart.  I tried to spy on them and get a picture while remaining unnoticed.  I am sure they thought me the odd one!

We walked through many farmers' fields today.  There was not the great herds of sheep that we were used to seeing, but we did come across this humorous sign.

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BetsyInRI said...

LOL at the sign! How fun to meet such cool and informative people - that was something I'd forgotten about when I went to Great Britain in the 80's - there were SO many really cool folks traveling and from so many cool places! Thanks for posting ever day, Carolyn - don't be mistaken that just because people may not be commenting that they're not reading...I make sure I check every day to see what fun things you've seen and done that day - I so appreciate your sharing your trip!