Friday, May 31, 2013

Knitting across England - Day 8

We took a small detour today into the town of Muker to visit the Swaledale woolen mill. This small shop is home to the cottage industry of hand  knitters from the area.  It is credited with helping the economy survive years ago when lead mining ended in the dale. Inside there are lovely hand knit sweaters, socks, and mittens made from the local Swaledale sheep. There are also some sweaters made from Wensleydale and Welsh Mountain wool that is also raised nearby. 

The sweaters are beautiful and reasonably priced. Too bad there is not an inch of space in my backpack. 

I enjoy learning of the industry of the women. When a crisis hits they come together and find a way to keep their families and the community afloat. 


BetsyInRI said...

Oh, Carolyn! Shipping!!! I'm sure they ship! And have you had a fleece shipped home yet? ;-) All those wonderful sheep and please don't tell me you're not bringing home any fleece....

Carolyn said...

Trust me, the UK and I have a well travelled fleece trail between the two of us! ;)