Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Should proximity to a yarn store determine where one goes to college?

After months of working through the difficult college application process my daughter, Emily, found out that she has been accepted to Smith College. This is the second college that has accepted her and she is still waiting to hear from several others.

Now . . . the ethical dilemma. . .

How much influence should I try to have on her decision. I mean, really--did you know that Smith College is in the same town as Webs Yarn Store? Ok, so that may not be all that exciting to you who live in New England, but to me, who lives in the desert of Utah, this is fabulous!

Just think of all the trips I would have to take to visit the store--ahhh--I mean, my daughter, at college. Just think of all that yarn--oh--I mean those mother/daughter bonding moments perusing the yarn--ooops!--I mean campus. Oh boy, this is a tough one!

May I also mention that Emily received a colored brochure from Smith College describing the arts at the school, and there was a picture of some yarn that had been named for the school's founder! Does Smith know that my daughter comes from a fiber-friendly family? Someone in public relations is doing waaaaay too good a job.

So, the question is: Should proximity to a yarn store be a determining factor in where one goes to college? I'd love to hear your opinions.


28parkave said...

oh yes id say so for sure! ;-)

PLA said...

Truth be known, I've been looking for jobs at Smith and from Brattleboro down for exactly that reason. Used to live in Bratt and Webs was my LYC...moved to Albany, NY...*sniff

RaCie Baby said...

If it's a good college then definitely the local yarn supplies should be a definite factor in decision making.