Friday, March 27, 2009

Colorway Inspiration

Many times I am asked how I come up with different colorways. I wanted to share a recent inspiration.

A couple weeks ago I attended the annual Art and Soup Celebration. It is a wonderful event featuring various Utah artists along with soup tasting from local restaurants. One of my favorite artists is a potter, Ben Behunin. This year I found a pie plate. The colors grabbed me and wouldn't let go. So, home it went with me.

A couple days later found me in my dye studio, studying the colors of the pottery. I dyed some sample rovings and named it "Pottery." The colors are bright, fun, and unique. I'm not sure I would ever have chosen to put this color combination together, but inspired by the pie plate, this has become a very popular colorway.


Windybrook Spinner said...

VERY popular at my house. It's just gorgeous.

Katy said...

Carolyn! Art and Soup was wonderful. I am liking what is becoming our annual tradition. I forwarded your blog to Ben. I love his pottery & your rovings! Lots of love, Katy