Wednesday, April 06, 2011

TRIBE--a New Colorway

It's always fun to have a dye day where I can be creative and make up a new colorway. Sometimes this only happens every few months or so, and then sometimes I get in a creative mood and make up several at once. This has been a great week with several new colorways including "Hot Lips", "Shades of Denim", and especially "Tribe".

I have a feeling that Tribe will be a new favorite. I love how all the colors came together so well. It was dyed in dark charcoal, teal, sky blue, brown, and olive green. The combination is quite manly. It also has quite a modern look to it, too. Here's the pics!

The first batch of Tribe right after dyeing

A braid of BFL wool in Tribe


krex said...

Great colors. would work perfect for landscape felters so be sure and add that to your Etsy tags .

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the kind feedback. Tags are always the hardest thing for me. Do you have any suggestions on what words would work well for felters?