Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy sewing a Prom dress--more dyeing scheduled for next week

It's been a very busy week here at Greenwood Fiberworks. My daughter was asked to Prom and she wanted a unique dress. She and I picked out some lovely brown and teal tapestry fabric as we planned the design.

Looking at the pattern, the dress seemed very straight forward. I thought I had a good handle on everything until I realized there were two layers of lining, boning, and netting. Ugh!

After a while the dress with over 16 yards of fabric became quite heavy and cumbersome to work on. Adding to my distress, the bodice fit perfectly until I put in the linings and somehow it shrunk 1.5 inches.

I am pleased to report that the dress was finished with a whole 20 minutes to spare and that my daughter loved it!

So, if my shop seemed a bit neglected this past week, please know that I've been fibering with fabric and a sewing machine this week. It will be great to get back to dyeing on Monday. Stay tuned . . .

Back view

I think she likes it!

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Tia said...

This dress is gorgeous; did you make the shrug as well? Your daughter is very lucky.