Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Carnival Batts Yarn

I love to make up fiber batts chock full of all kinds of fibers on my drumcarder. Here are pictures of the yarn that Ann of SanicolaDesigns created with my Carnival Batts. These batts were made with all kinds of fibers and even some snippets of yarn. These batts had a lot of texture along with a bit of sparkle--not to mention loads of colors.

I love how Ann spun these up and the resulting yarn is really beautiful!

Here's what Ann said about spinning the batts. "
I spun a single from your batt, and plied it with a lace-weight light gray Romney that I carded with coordinating colors of merino and glitz I dyed to match."

Batt before spinning

Gray Romney singles

Carnival Batts Singles

Finished Plyed Yarn!

Another Picture of the Yarn. Don't you just love the texture?

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